Healthy Neighborhoods: addressing systemic issues that contribute to childhood obesity

Posted on January 12, 2017 at 12:31 AM by Jump IN for Healthy Kids

2016 Year in Review - part two in a series of four

Jump IN’s mission is to promote policies and practices that create healthy environments where families and children have real opportunities to make healthy choices and engage in healthy behaviors. Research shows that if healthy nutrition and physical activity policies can be implemented in the places where children and families spend most of their time, their health will likely improve.

In Part One of this Year In Review series, we described how we’re creating “Healthy Places” by improving the policies and practices at schools, child care centers, and worksites to promote better nutrition and physical activity. In this second segment, we look at our efforts to create "Healthy Neighborhoods" where families live, work, and play.

Healthy Neighborhoods

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person’s zip code is more likely to determine their health status than their genetic code. A neighborhood’s “social determinants of health” – factors such as income, educational attainment, access to health care and other resources – directly impact the health status of the residents there.

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Greater Lawrence/Far Eastside selected as one of 50 communities nationwide to compete in Healthiest Cities Challenge

Posted on September 15, 2016 at 9:01 AM by Jump IN for Healthy Kids


GREATER LAWRENCE/FAR EASTSIDE – The Greater Lawrence/Far Eastside community – comprised of the City of Lawrence and southern Lawrence Township – has been selected as one of 50 communities across the country to compete in the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge for a chance at a $250,000 grand prize.

The Challenge, a partnership between the Aetna Foundation, the American Public Health Association and the National Association of Counties, will award a total of $1.5 million to small and mid-sized cities, counties, and federally-recognized tribes that are able to show measurable change in their communities by implementing health innovations and data-driven solutions during the two-year challenge. Hundreds of entities applied to be a part of the Challenge.

Greater Lawrence/Far Eastside proposed a Healthy Families Healthy Children initiative in partnership with Jump IN for Healthy Kids as its health challenge. The initiative will work to reduce childhood obesity in the greater Lawrence community by creating healthy environments where families can make healthy choices to improve their children’s health.

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Healthy Kids Initiative launches in Lawrence/Far Eastside

Posted on March 28, 2016 at 9:31 AM by Jump IN for Healthy Kids

Collective effort required to overcome complex obstacles to healthy living

Q:  What brings together a Republican mayor, a Democrat township trustee, business and hospital executives, school administrators, directors of several youth organizations, early childhood care providers, community development advocates, and public health officials?

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