Community Engagement: Expand Employee Wellness into Your Community

When you make workplace wellness a priority, you take steps to increase physical activity during the workday, support healthy eating choices, and promote healthy habits that employees can share with their families.  Another important piece of employee wellness extends beyond the company’s walls:  community engagement Look beyond your work site into the community where your…

Volunteers sorting food at a pantry

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Tips to Make Your Work Day Healthier

If you work full-time, that’s where you spend the majority of your day. It is important to make sure that your work environment is as healthy as it can be, so that you can get in the habit of practicing healthy behaviors.  Creating a healthier environment in the office may seem like a big task,…

A man in a meeting makes a healthy choice

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Simple Worksite Wellness Steps

For many of us, being at work means sitting all day.  We all know that’s not the ideal state for our bodies, but often find it hard to make changes. Because we spend so much time at work, it’s important to consider ways to keep ourselves moving and active even when our work requires us…

Take the stairs instead of an elevator sign

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