Healthy Holidays from Jump IN

It IS possible to avoid overeating at Thanksgiving (or any holiday party) It’s possible to celebrate Thanksgiving—or any holiday—without going overboard on sweet treats and calorie-laden food and beverages. Here are a few simple strategies to help support you in eating healthy at your Thanksgiving Day celebration.  Drink water, skip that soda It may sound…

Family hikes in the woods in the fall

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Busy Schedules, Eating Out, and the Impact on Health

This is the next installation in our series of blogs that address the many external factors that contribute to childhood overweight and obesity This monthly series will continue through the end of the year while we shine a light on the impact different behaviors make in weight and health. Previously, we discussed screen time and…

A green lunchbox with a healthy sandwich, orange, nuts, and tomatoes

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A Month of Recognition and the Tools to Take Action

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month As designated by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), September is National Childhood Obesity Month, dedicated to educating children and their families on how to prevent childhood obesity .  Nationally, roughly one in five children suffers from obesity. In central Indiana, those numbers are worse. Jump IN for Healthy Kids is…

A group of happy children

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In Praise of STARTING!

Finishing gets a lot of attention, but there is no finish line without a starting one first. Let’s talk about starting healthy habits. Too often, when people think about making healthy changes to their lifestyle they imagine their health goal – that’s where they want to get. Sometimes that can feel overwhelming, especially if the…

Illness-wellness continuum

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Distinguished Award for Work on Healthy Schools Goes to MSD Pike Superintendent Young

Jump IN for Healthy Kids is delighted to announce Dr. Larry Young, Superintendent of the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township (MSD Pike), as winner of the prestigious Governor & Cheri Daniels award at this year’s Indiana School Health Network Conference (ISHN). Created in 2012 to recognize Governor and Cheri Daniels’ leadership and contributions to…

Dr. Young receives the Governor and Cheri Daniels Award at the 2022 SHN Conference

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