Food Insecurity v. Food Access: what’s the difference?

It’s easy to confuse the two or think they mean the same thing, but they’re different and there are different resources to help with both. March is national nutrition month- so we wanted to highlight food insecurity and healthy food access this month. Food insecurity can lead to hunger and malnourishment and and is divided…

Man walking in a desert by a billboard advertising the next grocery store in 15 miles

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Accessing healthy food in central Indiana

Pantry partners join together to help our neighbors in need The Indy Hunger Network reports that 172,510 food-insecure people live in Marion County. That means that 19% of the population doesn’t have access to enough food for everyone in a household. More than 200 food pantries currently support 10,000 food-insecure residents in Marion County and…

A volunteer stocks produce at the Sharing Place in Lawrence Township

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Food makes a difference

Food culture, quality, access and quantity play a role in obesity; part 2 of 3 in a series for National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (September) Last week we started a series looking at the causes of childhood obesity , and while it’s true that many children spend too much time interacting with screens and too little…

Chips and salsa

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Putting the Community First

A couple of Fridays ago, roughly 80 volunteers descended on an eight-acre patch of land on the southeast side of Lawrence.   The land is owned by Monarch Beverage, which already has an impressive campus just to the north.  These eight acres Monarch has pledged not to develop; they are the grounds of the Lawrence Community Gardens,…

Volunteers move soil

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