Part 2: School Wellness When Home is School

How to use school wellness best practices to make your e-learning experience a healthy one Last week we shared about our school wellness work, which Jump IN has implemented in 49 schools over the last two school-years, impacted tens out thousands of central Indiana kids. This week we’re going to look at taking the lessons…

Girl drinking water

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Wellness in Schools, part 1: what that looks like at school

What is school wellness exactly? All school districts that receive federal funding for free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs are required to have a wellness policy. These policies primarily focus on two areas: healthy food best practices and physical activity best practices. Individual school buildings often have their own wellness policies as well, catered…

Students from Phalen 103 jump around after a gardening lesson from Big Green

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What Schools Can Do about Childhood Obesity

Why should schools get involved? Four of every ten kids in central Indiana struggle with overweight and obesity. National surveys find that 74% of high school students don’t get enough daily physical activity, 39% eat less than one serving of fruit per day, 41% eat less than one vegetable per day, and theat kids spend,…

Kids show off the Healthiest Cities award

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How healthy is your school?

See how many best practices are already in use. Here are some – but not all – of the documented best practices for nutrition and physical activity in schools. How many are embedded in your school’s culture? • Does your school offer both breakfast and lunch service that is accessible to all students? • Do…

Students raise their hands in the classroom

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Back to school lunch planning? Turn to MyPlate

Most US children attend school for at least six hours every day and consume half of their calories there so it’s important for kids to practice healthy habits at school. It may seem like summer is only half over, but many schools start back up again in early August. Yep, it’s time to start thinking…

A healthy lunch full of fruits and vegetables

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