Live Laugh Dance

An organization helping those with Down Syndrome get physical activity and fun through dance

As schools across Indiana are wrapping up for the 2022-2023 school-year, parents all over are looking for camps and activities to occupy young people over the summer. For parents of children with Down Syndrome, there may be limited options. We wanted to share an amazing opportunity for adolescents and young adults who have Down syndrome.

Campers at Live Laugh Dance

Studies have shows that children with Down’s Syndrome are at higher risk for overweight and obesity than their peers. Providing ample opportunities for physical activity can help reduce that risk. Live Laugh Dance is an organization doing just that and making it lots of fun at the same time!

Live Laugh Dance is a summer dance camp for kids and adults ages 10 and up who have Down Syndrome. A partnership between Down Syndrome Indiana, Franklin College, and IUPUI, Live Laugh Dance is designed to offer a fun and inclusive way for individuals with Down Syndrome to participate in physical activity and exercise. The program will meet Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8pm at Franklin College in Franklin, IN, beginning Tuesday, June 13, and ending with a dance recital for family and friends on Tuesday, July 18. If you are interested in this program you can register here. Or if you have questions about the program, or are interested in volunteering as a helper you can email Rachel Swinford (one of the co-directors of the program) or to see the program’s information you can look at the webpage here.

Campers and troop leaders at Live Laugh Dance