Create a Fall/Winter Physical Activity Bucket List to Sustain Momentum

Don’t let colder temperatures and fewer daylight hours keep you from meeting the goal of an hour of physical activity per day. Use the ideas below to help you create a fall and winter fitness bucket list.

Family hiking together in the fall

❏ Rake leaves.
❏ Walk a pumpkin patch or apple orchard.
❏ Hike a local trailway—in mud or snow for an extra workout.
❏ Shovel snow.
❏ Design your own obstacle course: jump over a pile of leaves, run to the mailbox, hula hoop, skip 10 paces, do 3 jumping jacks…
❏ Bundle up and visit a playground.
❏ Use a friend’s guest pass to an indoor fitness center.
❏ Swim laps at the indoor pool or take in a water fitness class at Indy Island or your neighborhood YMCA.
❏ Play “Red Rover.”
❏ Walk the neighborhood to admire holiday decorations.
❏ Turn up the radio and have a family dance party.
Go sledding.
❏ Sweep and mop the floors. Make it more fun with music.
❏ Try a yoga video (check the library, YouTube, or your favorite video provider for free rentals).
❏ Create your own indoor circuit: running in place, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges. Or get your laps in at the local mall.
❏ Visit an indoor trampoline park.
❏ Go ice skating at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.
❏ Climb stairs at home, work, or a public venue. Repeat until you hit a designated target number on your pedometer.
❏ Try a GoNoodle video with your family at home.
❏ Create a baseball- or kickball-like game using balloons and empty wrapping paper tubes.
❏ Find a spot to jump rope safely indoors.

Bottom line: don’t overlook that goal of one hour of physical activity per day, and be sure that adults are setting a good example for children to follow.

Children dancing

Share your favorite activity

Boy and mom dancing in their living room

Post a photo on social media of your family’s favorite way to stay active when the temperatures drop. Tag us @jumpinforhealthykids and include the hashtag #5210 to inspire others to meet that 1 hour per day goal.