Get Up Off of That Thing – ways for families to stay active this summer

It’s spring, and the school year is coming to an end.  The good weather and longer daylight hours mean more opportunities for outdoor play and physical activity.  Make a commitment today to keep those activities going all summer long – blending family fun time with physical activity is a winning combination!

Family playing in a child's pool outside

Everyone—children and adults alike—needs at least one hour of physical activity every day. But physical activity doesn’t have to mean exercise. Active play is physical activity, too, so have fun with these physical activity ideas for kids and families:

  • Go on a group bike ride.
  • Play games like Freeze TagBridge Tag, and Red Light/Green Light.
  • Have a backyard/courtyard dance party—invite the neighbors, take turns playing DJ.
  • Set up some obstacles in your yard to dribble a soccer ball around or get a little one-on-one soccer game going  – any objects can create a makeshift goal.

Remember that several short bursts of physical activity are just as valuable as one long activity.

Be prepared with activity ideas when kids say, “I’m bored.” Turn off TVs and electronic devices and get moving, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. It may be helpful to brainstorm a list of activities in advance that your family enjoys. You can write each activity on a slip of paper and keep them in a jar—pull one out when you need it.

Young girl playing hopscotch

Download Get Moving Today! calendars for inspiration. Each day features a simple activity to try. Here’s a sneak peek at some:

  • Fill a cup with water. Run around your yard carrying the cup, trying not to lose much water.
  • Draw different shapes with sidewalk chalk and practice moving over, around, and into them.
  • Play catch with a water balloon.
  • Find three different things to jump over that are each a different height.
  • Walk like different animals—bear, crab, snake, etc.
  • Set up an obstacle course using things to jump over, go around, and even move under. See how fast you can do it.
  • Set up a variety of targets—bottles, cans, buckets. Then work on throwing at them from different distances.

The Get Moving Today! physical activity ideas for kids are great for home, child care, camp, and more.