Meeting Jump IN’s summer interns…

Jump IN has been excited to welcome and work with two summer hires who have been working on exciting new projects and learning the ropes of the non-profit for the past few months. The newest member of the Jump IN team is Agrayan Gupta, an intern who has been with Jump IN since the beginning of June. This summer, Agrayan has worked with Haley Loechel, Jump IN’s community project specialist, and Jonathan Barclay, our knowledge and data manager, to develop and create newsletters for schools in the community. Once completed, these newsletters will focus on Jump IN’s message of health and wellness and will be targeted toward schools and families on the far eastside.          

Intrepid Jump IN summer additions Allie and Agrayan
Intrepid Jump IN summer additions Allie and Agrayan

As this project is a new development for this year, Agrayan has been able to design and create a general template that will be used for future newsletters. Agrayan also spends much of his time researching and writing the newsletters, which will be sent to schools bi-monthly during the school year. When asked about his time at Jump IN, Agrayan says that he really enjoys the collaborative and positive work environment that the office and team provide. He is happy and excited to be a part of the important work that Jump IN is doing in the community.

Agrayan is a recent graduate of Carmel High School and will leave in a few short weeks to begin his Freshman year at Indiana University in Bloomington. He will be majoring in Finance through the Kelley School of Business, and he plans to take pre-med classes as well. In his free time Agrayan enjoys playing soccer and basketball with his friends, volunteering with his Boy Scout Troup, and traveling. His favorite trip has been a family trip to Banff, Canada—but that soon could be replaced as he and his family will be traveling to Iceland at the end of the summer!

“It’s been great having Agrayan work with us this summer. While researching content we can use with schools all year, he brought an additional perspective that helped us improve our newsletter.  His valuable work has helped us create a system for our schools communications.” – Jonathan Barclay, Jump IN’s knowledge and data manager

Our second summer team member is Allie Henry, who is returning as a Communications Assistant for her second summer with Jump IN. In her time in the office, Allie has helped to create informational health toolkits for parents and schools and has helped develop 5210 curriculum and activities for organizations such as the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Colts. This summer, much of Allie’s time in the office has been spent renovating content for the Jump IN website, as well as creating and reorganizing website pages.

Haley and Allie at the Heart Smarts launch on the east side this week
Haley Loechel and Allie Henry at the Heart Smarts launch on the far east side this week

As a resident of the eastside, Allie appreciates the important work that Jump IN is doing in her community. She has enjoyed the experience of working with a non-profit organization and is especially impressed by the thoughtful way the Jump IN team approaches the complicated, systemic causes of unhealthy environments and lifestyles.

“Allie has been a wonderful addition to the team these last two summers and has been incredibly valuable supporting our marketing and communications work.  Even though she’s leaving for law school soon, I’m hoping to persuade her to come back next summer… please??” – Megan McKinney Cooper, Jump IN’s director of communications

In May, Allie graduated from Butler University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish, and she will be moving to Bloomington in August to start her new educational journey at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. In her free time, she enjoys petting her two dogs, making music, and traveling whenever she can find the opportunity.  

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