Outdoor activities for families and social distance fun with friends and neighbors

It’s hot and sunny and we still have long days before school starts in whatever form that looks like for you. There are lots of good opportunities for outdoor play for families and ways to have fun while social distancing with friends and neighbors. Make a commitment now to keep those activities going; blending family fun time with physical activity is a winning combination!

Family plays outside in child's pool

Everyone – children and adults alike – needs at least one hour of physical activity every day. But physical activity doesn’t have to mean exercise. Active play is physical activity too, so have fun with these physical activity ideas for kids and families. You can add your mask and modify your distance to include neighbors and friends as well:

– go on a group bike ride
– play games like Freeze Tag, Bridge Tag, and Red Light/Green Light
– Have a backyard dance party with someone serving as DJ
– Set up some obstacles in your yard to dribble a soccer ball around or get a little one on one soccer game going – any objects can create a makeshift goal. Here’s a great video from a mom who made an obstacle course in her yard with items from the dollar store. A little creativity can go a long way!

Remember that several short bursts of physical activity are just as valuable as one long activity.

Be prepared with activity ideas when kids say, “I’m bored.” Turn off the TV and other electronic devices and get moving, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. It may be helpful to brainstorm a little of activities in advance that your family enjoys. You can write each activity on a slip of paper and keep them in a jar – pull one out when you need it.

Jump IN with the whole world!

World Jump Day!  On Monday, July 20, people around the world come together for a big jump.  To learn more go here and join us!

Mini workout of the week:  Family strength activities together

Here are some fun strength and flexibility activities that you can do (indoors or out) as a family or on your own for a quick burst of physical activity in your day.  Enjoy!