Part 2: School Wellness When Home is School

How to use school wellness best practices to make your e-learning experience a healthy one

Last week we shared about our school wellness work, which Jump IN has implemented in 49 schools over the last two school-years, impacted tens out thousands of central Indiana kids. This week we’re going to look at taking the lessons from school wellness and applying them at home, since for so many kids, school means e-learning at kitchen room tables across the country. Regardless of your child’s age, establishing healthy habits during the new routine will help in many ways – they’ll stay healthier, they’ll be better able to focus, and the habits your establish from the start are more likely to stick and be part of your routine every day going forward. Best way to do it? Start now.

Mom and son dance in the living room

To take a lesson from school wellness policies, we’ve compiled some of the wellness initiatives that schools in our Jump Right UP program have worked on.  We’ve added some suggestions for modifying these to work at home, but you can get creative and come up with your own ideas. Schools embrace a wide range of healthy best practices (Jump IN is working to help schools increase best practices throughout central IN), but some of the best ones that you can learn from and integrate into your e-learning days at home are pretty simple:

A list of school wellness efforts that can be adapted to home school
Girl drinking water

Cooking class of the week

We’re mixing it up this week and instead of sharing a mini workout video with a physical activity lesson, we’re sharing cooking resources for kids. There are many useful videos through this link, and we recommend you and your kids try the lesson on salad making first. Lessons on slicing and dicing and learning how to use herbs are also great ones to begin with. Bon appetit!

Healthy eggs and veggies