Rah Rah Rah Radish Food Day

Jump IN works closely with many schools to help teach good nutrition skills early in life. Research shows that instilling healthy and appropriate eating habits in children impacts their health as adults, so schools are ideal sites for food education. . In addition, balanced and healthy school meals improve student performance and behavior. Introducing kids to new fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can put them on track to become good eaters.  We’re excited to tell you about some of the great work coming out of MSD Warren and its commitment to improving its nutrition and physical activity policies. 

Children help themselves to radish samples at their school

MSD of Warren township, in partnership with their district’s dining service Chartwells, is on a mission to bring a healthier environment to their student population. With the assistance and support of Purdue Extension and Jump IN, Chartwells was able to provide 3 elementary schools in Warren township with the opportunity to partake in Food Day. Food Day is a celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainialy produced food. In Indiana, schools celebrate Food Day any day during the month of October, which aligns with National Farm to School Month, to accommodate Indiana’s growing season and different school calendars.

Radishes slices to look like flowers

This year the produce of choice were radishes! Hawthorne Elementary was able to provide samples of a variety of roasted radishes with black sesame seeds, Sunny Heights Elementary provided samples of roasted cubed radishes, and Liberty Park Elementary provided a radish salad which included cucumbers and apples. Students from grades K-4 were able to take part in the additional sample during their lunch hour. Students were excited to try the different selection, some enjoying the experience and some expressing that radishes were too spicy for them.

Kids sampling radishes at their school lunch table

Studies suggest that in young children it may take 10 or more attempts over several months to introduce a new food into their diet. Nonetheless, MSD of Warren township is working hard to create a culture of health in their district.

For tips to help kids to try (and embrace) new foods, visit this page of our website.  

And as always, our helpful guide has lots of tips for improving wellness at schools, including nutrition and physical activity.  Click here to download a free copy: