Child obesity prevalence rates still rising

New analysis supplants earlier reports of decline

While a report last year suggested that child obesity rates were starting to improve, at least among younger children, a study published last month showed “no indication of a decline in obesity prevalence…in any group of children aged 2 through 19.”

“This is really a population health problem that will require changes across the board—food policy, access to healthcare, school curriculums that include physical education, community and local resources in parks and sidewalks. A lot of things put together can work,” said Asheley Skinner, Ph.D., the lead author for the study completed by researchers from Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill and Wake Forest University. 

How is Jump IN tackling this problem?

Just as the study recommends, Jump IN is implementing a comprehensive set of strategies in central Indiana to help kids lead healthier lives.

Jump IN’s mission is to create healthy environments where children and their families have real opportunities to make healthy choices. All of our strategies are focused on surrounding families and children with healthy places, healthy neighborhoods and healthy communities that promote healthy behaviors and healthy lives.

Our strategic interventions are organized around these spheres:

Healthy places

Embed nutrition and physical activity policies into settings such as schools, child care centers and work sites.

Healthy neighborhoods

Solve systemic issues such as food access and ensure the built environment and infrastructure promote physical activity.

Healthy communities

Increase public awareness and education, influence public policy, and connect clinical care with community resources.

What can you do?

You can help us surround children and families with healthy choices. Across central Indiana, employers, schools, child care providers, youth service organizations, places of worship, community centers and families are taking the Jump IN Pledge for Healthy Kids, and we are supporting them with helpful resources and strategies.