Leap Day 2016 is officially “Make the Leap” Day in Indy

Indianapolis Mayor Hogsett proclaims Feb. 29, 2016, as “Make the Leap for Healthy Kids Day”

Mayor Joe Hogsett, together with Jump IN for Healthy Kids, has officially declared Feb. 29, 2016, (Leap Day) as “Make the Leap for Healthy Kids Day.”

With the proclamation, Jump IN for Healthy Kids aims to raise awareness to ensure children and their families have real opportunities to make smart choices about eating healthy and being active. Jump IN provides a commitment to “Make the Leap” via a pledge campaign and by offering wellness tips and strategies through a new online resource hub.

“There’s no better way to celebrate Leap Day than to ‘make the leap’ and be a role model to inspire healthier behaviors,” said Ron Gifford, executive director of Jump IN for Healthy Kids. “We are honored Mayor Hogsett stands behind this important initiative to improve Indianapolis’ health.” 

Jump IN for Healthy Kids encourages schools, child care providers, youth-serving organizations, employers, faith-based groups and other community organizations that engage with children to do their part to help kids lead active and healthy lives. By taking the “Make the Leap” pledge campaign, pledge signers agree to serve kids healthy meals, snacks and drinks; keep them physically active; teach healthy habits; and serve as role models for these behaviors.

“Approximately 225,000 kids in central Indiana are at significant risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer because they are not a healthy weight,” said Gifford. “Working together, we can help Indianapolis become a community where the healthy choice is the easy choice.”

For more information, download this document