Modeling good habits and working together as a family

Kids are watching what adults are doing, so teach them well

During this time of quarantine, we’re likely spending much more time with our family members than we normally do. Our kids are seeing our habits up close and learning to imitate them, so we need to be extra mindful of our behaviors. The kids are learning from us, so it’s important to model healthy behaviors.

Mom and son doing yoga outside
Mother and son doing yoga exercises on grass in the yard at day time.

Snack on purpose when it’s appropriate, not because you happen to have snacks nearby

Snacking. Are we snacking out of boredom? Is enjoying dessert after lunch becoming a habit? Do your kids have free reign over the kitchen to help themselves to unhealthy snacks whenever they feel like it? Are unhealthy foods getting eaten more frequently just because they’re there and you’re home? Are dinners becoming more elaborate and oversized because you have more time to cook? Are you over-buying unhealthy treats because you’re afraid you might want something later and not be able to get it? If you’re finding yourself answering yest to these questions, it’s time to set a schedule and some boundaries.

Apple, cheese, and pretzel snack
Apple, cheese, and pretzel snack

Plan meals together and stick to the plan

Don’t let meal planning go out the window just because you might have more flexibility with your food preparation time. It’s more important than ever to be sure you’re getting your 5-2-1-0 in, so be sure when you’re grocery shopping or ordering food online that you load up on fruits and vegetables. Frozen and canned vegetables are fine! (Canned sometimes has added sodium, so do keep an eye out). Stop unintentional snacking now. Put the snacks in an area of the kitchen where everyone doesn’t have ready access to them at all times. The right snacks at the right time can be useful and healthy, but not when they’re used to soothe boredom.

Boy eating celery and peanut butter

Step up your healthy cooking game

Now is a great time to learn some new healthy cooking recipes. We’ve selected a few resources for healthy cooking instruction here, here, and here. Work with your kids to create some go-to recipes that you’ll incorporate even after our quarantine has lifted. Better yet, help your kids master a handful of healthy recipes that they’ll be able to prepare for the family once work and school start up again, to make your workweek a little easier and your meals more family-focused.

With Easter coming, a lot of households will have more candy around than usual… of course the occasional treat is fine (and sometimes necessary!), but you don’t want to be stuck in house that’s full of Cabury Creme Eggs beckoning to you. Luckily, real eggs (not chocolate) ARE good for you, so direct your attention to them. There are loads of healthy hard boiled egg recipes. We selected a couple for you here and here.

This week’s mini workout…

The governor of Indiana, Mike Holcomb, has launched a new campaign to help remind ourselves that while we may be physically apart from one another, we are still connected and #allINthistogether. We at Jump IN thought it would be appropriate to select a song for this weeks mini workout that reflects that we are in fact “All in This Together.” This song happens at the end of the film High School Musical and is a celebration of the end of the school year. Our hearts go out to all the kids and teachers who are missing the end of school this year, especially those graduating seniors who’ll be moving on without a proper finish. It’s not easy, but we all must find the strength and peace to know this decision will help keep us safe. Let’s celebrate the graduations, even if they don’t look like we thought they would. Hop up from your desk or couch and dance along, or work with your kids to figure out some of the moves and put your own choreographed number on! Hang in, stay safe, and stay healthy.