Outdoor fun and physical activity at local splash pads

It’s hot! But you don’t need a pool to cool off. Central Indiana boasts dozens of splash pads, which offer cooling-off fun for kids (and adults) and encourage running, playing, and jumping – all excellent ways for families to be physically active. We’ve compiled a guide to splash pads around central Indiana below, all FREE! Look for one near you and make it a fun family outing this weekend!

Carmel splash pad

Carmel Parks’ Westermeier Commons Playground is located inside Central Park at 111th Street and College Avenue. In addition to a huge, futuristic-looking playground for kids 2 – 12, Westermeier Commons has recently opened a large splash pad. Lots of fun here for everyone.

The Indianapolis City-County Building recently completed its Lugar Plaza, the park surrounding the building. Part of the Plaza has a dedicated splash pad, open long hours from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. in the summer time. Enjoy the surrounding park and take in downtown.

Lugar Plaza map - the splash pad is right in the middle

Mulberry Fields in Zionsville is a very popular water spot for kids in the summer. Part giant splash pad, this park also has a trickling creek for hands-on fun with climbing, splashing, and exploring.

Mulberry Fields splash pad

Many Indy Parks have splash pads. They call them Spray Grounds – get it? -and we’ve listed them below:

  • Andrew Ramsey Park, 310 W. 42nd St., 327-7180
  • Bel-Aire Park, 2901 Morrisville Rd., 327-7375
  • Bertha Ross Park, 3700 N. Clinton Ave., 327-7190
  • Bowman Park, 360 Auburn Rd. 327-7806
  • Carson Park, 5400 S. High School Rd. 327-7390
  • Christian Park, 4125 English Ave., 327-7163
  • Clayton LaSalle Park, 401 S. LaSalle St. 327-7163
  • Dan Wakefield Park, 6051 N. Broadway St, 327-7099
  • Grassy Creek Park, 10510 E. 30th Street, 327-7162
  • Haughville Park, 520 N. Belleview Place, 327-7806
  • Holliday Park, 63636 Spring Mill Dr., 327-7180
  • Jake Greene Park, 1700 Franklin Rd. 327-7180
  • Municipal Gardens, 1831 N. Lafayette Rd., 327-7190
  • Riverwood Park, 7201 Crittenden Ave., 327-4553
  • Stout Field Park, 3820 W. Bradbury Rd., 327-7806
  • Tarkington Park, 45 W. 40th Street, 327-7192
  • Wes Montgomery Park, 3400 N. Hawthorne Ln., 327-7192
  • Wildwood Park, 8100 Southeastern Ave., 862-6876

If we haven’t listed one near you, take a look at these guides that Indy With Kids and Indy’s Child compiled. Have fun!