Simple Worksite Wellness Steps

For many of us, being at work means sitting all day.  We all know that’s not the ideal state for our bodies, but often find it hard to make changes. Because we spend so much time at work, it’s important to consider ways to keep ourselves moving and active even when our work requires us to sit for long stretches.  Fortunately, Jump IN has some easy (and no-cost) ways to remind you to take time during the day (every day) to move around.  A comprehensive work site wellness policy is ideal, but even without one, you can take simple steps that can improve your health and well being during the work day. 

Businessman chooses a healthy snack

You can change some very basic habits right now.  Start with:

  • Move your office waste basket or recycling bin several feet away.  When you need to throw something away or recycle, you’ll have to get up and walk. 
  • Send your print jobs to a printer on the other side of your office, or even better, on another floor.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages from your day at work.  Replace them with water, unsweetened iced tea, or seltzer.
  • Set your phone alarm to ring at different times of the day to remind you to stretch and take a walk around your building.  Enlist a work friend and walk a few blocks around the neighborhood. 
  • Use a smaller water bottle.  It’s important to drink plenty of water, and if your water bottle is smaller, you’ll need to get up more frequently to refill it.  
Sign to take the stairs instead of an elevator

Think your office is ready for a wellness plan?  Even better.  Companies with Employee Wellness Programs see measurable benefits:

Reduced absenteeism. Employees miss work when they or someone they care for is sick. Illnesses, hospital stays, and doctor appointments steal hours from the office, but healthy employees with healthy families have fewer unplanned absences. Studies find that wellness programs can help reduce absenteeism by 25%.

Increased productivity. A recent study revealed that employees who ate recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables at least four days per week were 20% more likely to be productive at the office. Physical activity has also been linked to improved concentration, better memory recall, faster learning, enhanced creativity and reduced stress—all of which lead to better job performance.

Improved retention, recruiting. Healthy employees are happy employees. People who are less stressed and highly productive at work generally report greater job satisfaction than those with more stress and lower performance reviews. Moreover, studies indicate that 75% of employees want their employer to offer health and wellness incentives. 

Better bottom line. The Indiana State Department of Health states that preventable illness makes up 90% of all health care costs. Companies with Employee Wellness Programs have seen an average of $3 reduction in health care costs plus $5 reduction in costs associated with absenteeism for every $1 spent on employee wellness. 

Jump IN has several tools to help you get started.  Download the guides for free right here, and help make your workplace healthier.  

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