What US city consumes the fewest sugary beverages?

If you’ve been hanging out with us for any length of time, you’ve probably heard us say your zip code is more important than your genetic code in determining your health. You know that means that your neighborhood characteristics—income, education level, and even how far away the nearest grocery store is—play a larger role in…

Teen girl drinking water

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Stop! Water Time!

Water is simply best for staying hydrated It’s officially summer and that means outdoor playing, working in the garden, and more physical activity time outside. Being out in the heat and sun means your body needs even more hydration than it does the rest of the year. Your best bet: stick with water. Water is…

Girl drinking water

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Worksite wellness for your home office

At Jump IN, we offer robust tools on workplace wellness, knowing that what happens in the office influences what happens at home. Never before has that been more true, since for so many people, home-space and office-space are all one. As so many of us adjust to working from home, many workplace wellness strategies can…

Mother and son wash lettuce

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Quarantine healthy habits: stick with 5-2-1-0

These four steps are the simple way for everyone to stay on track 5-2-1-0 is an evidence-based set of simple steps that have shown to help keep a person at a healthy weight if done together on most days. You’re probably doing one, two, three, or even four of these at home already. We know…

5-2-1-0 every day

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