The Abecedarian Project: high quality early childhood education and its impact on lifelong health

A great deal of research supports the idea that high quality early childhood education experiences are good for young children’s development. There are myriad benefits for children in high-quality programs, including, age-appropriate engagement for social and emotional health, brain development, and gross and fine motor skill development. Children learn important soft skills in a high-quality…

Young children visit a greenhouse

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5-2-1-0 everyday: more water, less pop

If you are a regular reader of Jump IN for Healthy Kids’ blog, you’re familiar with the 5-2-1-0 concept: 5 fruits and vegetables, 2 hours or less of screen time, 1 hour of physical activity, and 0 sugar-sweetened beverages every day. Today we’ll share some information about achieving that 0, every day. This blog author’s…

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