Childhood overweight and obesity – how big a problem is it?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released its top 10 list of threats to global health in 2019. Number two on that list is noncommunicable diseases, many of which are related to overweight and obesity.  Obesity is associated with noncommunicable diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease,  which account for 70% of deaths worldwide – 41 million…

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Taking Steps to Healthy Success: Another Two Cohorts Complete the Program

“Family style dining is becoming part of the routine!” – one of the teachers reporting on her experience learning best practices around nutrition and physical activity in child care centers. When an activity becomes routine, it’s part of the every day activities, which means it will last. Sustainability is always Jump IN’s goal when integrating new best practices. And in our child care work, implementing the Taking Steps to Healthy Success program leads to long-lasting healthy changes.

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The Kindness Challenge at Eagle Creek Elementary

This Saturday, February 17 is the official Random Acts of Kindness Day.  What will you do to celebrate?  We’re excited to tell you about a school that replaced its unhealthy celebration habit with a very special new tradition.   Celebrating with students and staff is an important part of a school’s culture. But have you ever stopped…

filling buckets with kindness

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Make Physical Play Part of Every Day

Last week in our blog we talked about family-style eating in early education settings and the benefits of eating together regularly, around a table, at meal time.  Today we wanted to share this helpful guide to ensure very young children get plenty of physical play every day.  Take a look –

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Family-Style Fosters Healthy Eating Habits for Young Children

Eating family-style meals and snacks is recognized as a best practice in child care settings of all types—large or small centers, in-home providers, preschools, or church child cares. Family style is all about children and supervising adults sharing a meal together, with children encouraged to serve food themselves. To follow the best practice, caregivers place…

children eating healthy

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