Healthy Halloween

Halloween may come just once a year, but there are many ways emphasize the fun without overdoing it on candy and sweet treats.  Shift the focus of your Halloween celebration away from candy and have fun with healthy snacks, active games, and non-food prizes instead.  Healthy Halloween Snacks Think color Serve snacks in Halloween’s trademark…

Children trick-or-treating

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What to Donate to a Food Drive

Give the gift of good health The holiday season often includes food drives for neighborhood pantries, shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens. These programs depend on your generous food donations, so please give with a healthy heart in mind. Give food that is nutritious and non-perishable, such as: * Whole wheat or whole grain noodles…

Food pantry volunteers sort donations

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Why Is Childhood Obesity Our Business?

Personal responsibility isn’t enough; part 3 of 3 in a series Earlier this month we discussed some of the complicated factors contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic, including dramatic shifts in physical activity  habits and nutrition. Still, you may wonder, Isn’t weight a personal issue? Why is the entire community involved? Personal responsibility is important,…

Children in school standing in front of a chalkboard

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Food makes a difference

Food culture, quality, access and quantity play a role in obesity; part 2 of 3 in a series for National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (September) Last week we started a series looking at the causes of childhood obesity , and while it’s true that many children spend too much time interacting with screens and too little…

Chips and salsa

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