Health-themed days to celebrate wellness

Choose a handful of national holidays to showcase your wellness efforts and reinforce healthy habits

Every day is a good day to make healthy choices like eating fruits and veggies, limiting screen time, getting active for at least an hour, and drinking more water. But national observances provide opportunities to celebrate our progress and amp up awareness efforts.

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You can tuck wellness messages into existing communication tools – newsletters, emails, break room or hallway signage, and social media to name a few. Get our guide, 5 Ways to Promote Healthy Habits to Employees and Families, to learn how.

Identify the special days, weeks, and months that are likely to have most meaning to your employees, students, and families, and seize the opportunity to promote healthy habits.

If you need help developing messages related to these celebrations, check out our 52 Ready-to-Use Wellness Messages

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Did you know?

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. It’s a great time to educate your stakeholders, employees, and families about the prevalence, high cost, and causes of childhood obesity. It’s also a great time to launch new efforts to support wellness. Get inspired.